Terence Parker

A boy known around the school for his confidence. No one knows where he got this stone from but he has been incredibly protective of it ever sense he was a tween. It almost acts like a security blanket to him.

With this new found confidence and security he won't turn down any challenge.

He also loves Keko very much.

Keko Hatowo

Keko is going to Pyre Hills to be a Culinary Hunter, and use the sciences to better humanity. Being a second generation immigrant from Aya and her father being a high paid salary man has open doors for her and her endeavors

Already having awards in Nutritional preservation and Critical After-Healing led her to have a full ride scholarship- Luckily Terence has a big appetite, Makes him the perfect fit her and her experiment combinations

Her and Terence's favorite being BBQ Spiked Apples.

Louis Oartega Luxingal

A young man born of blue blood. The Luxingals are known for their mastery over light-brand and their overwhelming might in law. The burden to perform is no stranger to Louis - with failure comes damnation.

With this reminder he strives for excellence at every bend and turn no matter what and expects the same from the team he leads. People are taken aback when they hear he's the captain and not Terence.

He somewhat resents that statement - but he lets it go because he is the captain and he won and that's all that matters for now.

Terence is a pretty cool guy though.

Hiyotomi Suon-Ko

Hiyotomi immigrated from the Principality of Chu'lan with her mother and father at a young age to Almeria to further her magical growth. Almeria is known for it's robust education to assist developing magic users. Hiyotomi dodged getting puberty scars on her face due to her control of her magic.

She feels free here, even openly flying on breezy days to feel the wind on her skin.

It's almost enough to help her forget about home.

Sethon Neer

A young man with mysterious origins. His magic even eclipses the valedictorians of the previous years. Having domain over both fire and dark brand has adverse effects on has body. It harshens his vibe so he tries to block it out of his head.

Were he lacks in academic prowess he makes up for it for being a swell guy and a lovable bear to his friends. Despite the casual rivalry with Terence of course.

He just wants to be in a place in life were no matter who falls he can catch them.

No. Matter, What.

Atoc Mandoro

Not much is known about Atoc - He rarely discusses anything about himself. No Hobbies, no favorite food, no books he likes either. What people do know is that He has a determination to best his father in the hero ranks to prove to the world that he is capable of leaving a mark.

Safe to say, His Boyfriend Marcel knows a little more than the Average Joe.

Timi Buckmaster

Timi comes from an intriguing family line. Most of her predecessors have been on the opposite side of history. The Minister of the of Burban issued a "Sins of the Mother" Forgiveness clause to allow her to continue her education.

Even with a traumatic past she rushes forward with a smile.

Marcel Peppermill

Marcel is an exchange student from Usanor, relocated to Almeria due to the country recovering from the hundred year war. Usanor is using a multitude of students as examples of their country's prowess to gain favor and support.

Marcel feels unbelievable pressure from his mother to not only keep up with others students but even surpass them. "I don't even have a brand, how the hell am I even suppose to do that?" runs through his mind constantly.

Atoc makes it better to deal with though.